Since 2015 Montanuniversitaet Leoben is engaged in the EIT RawMaterials Knowledge and Innovation Community. As an EIT RawMaterials Hub, Regional Center Leoben aims to bridge the gap between the ESEE Region (East- and Southeast Europe) and EIT RawMaterials, as well as the local Austrian ecosystem. In this respect the goal is to interlink the stakeholders of all sides of the knowledge triangle – research, education and industry.

In the ESEE Region this is primarily done by organizing ESEE Dialogue Conferences to start establishing local networks and integrating the ESEE partners in KAVA proposals.

Our main activities involve project development in the fields of education, wider society learning, upscaling as well as the organization of workshops, summer schools and conferences.

Regional Center Leoben of Montanuniversitaet is an ideal partner to boost sustainable and innovative development on the raw materials sector.

For more information, please visit EIT RawMaterials – Regional Center Leoben website.