EIT RawMaterials Start-up and SME Booster Call

For start-ups and SMEs that want to test business ideas, would like to meet key players in the raw materials sector, are looking for financial and/or non-financial support EIT RawMaterials can help you to create [...]

7 March, 2018|

Business Idea Competition 2018

EIT RawMaterials together with EIT Health and EIT Food seek Innovators of the Future with novel ideas that can make an impact. EIT RawMaterials will help you develop your idea and turn it into a [...]

5 March, 2018|

sustainabill, start-up supported by EIT RawMaterials, collaborates with FOND OF for more transparency in the textile supply chain

sustainabill, start-up supported by EIT RawMaterials, is the cloud-platform to make supply chains transparent and thereby enabling the responsible manufacturing of products. Just now sustainabill won over FOND OF as a lead customer in the [...]

2 March, 2018|

ALIM project will support commercialisation of innovative battery solutions

The current Li-ion battery market is mostly dominated by batteries where Critical Raw Materials (CRM) constitute the active materials. ALIM (Advanced Lithium-metal electrodes), a project supported by EIT RawMaterials, aims to commercialise CRM-free batteries for electrical [...]

23 February, 2018|

EIT RawMaterials at PDAC 2018

On 4-7 March, EIT RawMaterials will join the annual convention of the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC 2018) in Toronto. PDAC 2018 is one of the largest trade shows on exploration and mining [...]

21 February, 2018|

EIT RawMaterials partner, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR), puts a spin-off for raw materials characterisation

Profound understanding of raw materials’ characteristics is essential for process and resource efficiency in the mining as well as in the recycling sector. Materials characterisation has become a powerful tool for the acquisition of quantitative [...]

19 February, 2018|