The ambitious vision of EIT RawMaterials will be realised by the creation of a structured collaboration within the Knowledge Triangle, which is the basis of the KIC model. A structured dialogue between academia, research institutes and business will facilitate an exchange of needs, ideas, research results and best practices. New entre- and intrapreneurs, with innovative ideas, will be supported to turn their ideas into business opportunities through our innovation system. This approach will leverage impact through synergies and will provide a powerful way of maximising opportunities in the raw materials sector and securing raw materials supply for Europe. Operationally the projects are managed through the Co-Location Centres, which also support the partners in their strive for new, innovative projects.

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ECO COM’BAT: Ecological Composites for High-Efficient Li-Ion Batteries

Objective The energy and mobility industry strongly depends on lithium-ion batteries as mobile energy storage devices for electric vehicles, electric bikes, or as stationary storage systems for solar cells or wind turbines. These batteries contain many precious and critical raw materials, e. g. cobalt and fossil resource-based graphite. So the large and still increasing markets […]

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ElectroFlex: (Bio)Electrochemical extraction and recovery of metals from low grade ores and residues

Objective The ElectroFlex project intends to lower the barrier to innovation for customers/companies in the field of electrowinning and electro-separation techniques for complex, low-grade raw materials and residues by offering access to one-of-a-kind, key infrastructures and services organised in a network of top-level universities, research institutes and companies. The solution (technology) A single-point-of-contact will be […]

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EMFIS: European Material Stock and Flow Intelligence Service

Objective The aim of the EMFIS Network of Infrastructure project is to bring together parties from the EIT KIC RM highly experienced in performing comprehensive material stock-flow analyses, and who have developed own conceptual structures for database development, and who have built data reconciliation and harmonization tools. The solution (technology) This network will offer a […]

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EnEx: Enhanced exploration

Objective While the mining industry is overall considered to be conservative with new technologies and introduction of new processes the acceptance of the new solution is estimated to be high due to the fact that consistent companies do not have to change already implemented processes. In their current situation of tough competition and low product […]

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ERMAT: Efficient use of Residual Materials

Objective The aim is to create new business opportunities for residual materials with the aim to reach zero deposits by offering a platform including both a web-based register of by-product suppliers and needs, a web store providing expertise of process route for processing residuals. Target audience is industry with potential side-streams and potential to utilize […]

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