EIT RawMaterials will impact on the EU’s innovation capacity, environmental & social sustainability and human capital:

  • Technologies and processes that establish new EU primary and secondary sources of CRM. This will create a major impact for the EU as it reduces the dependency on imports.
  • Providing knowledge, skills and technology for the design of new sustainable products and services that respond to consumer and end-user needs whilst at the same time substitutes CRM and other (e.g. toxic) materials – resulting in multiple proven cases of successfully sustainable substitutions.
  • Developing demonstration plants and prototypes that offer improved process productivity and reduced material and energy costs, which will stimulate investment decisions for new production units.
  • Supporting people with ideas to create start-ups. EIT RawMaterials supports establishing new start-ups, which will develop into continuous operation and become established SMEs.
  • Creating 10,000 new jobs in the European raw materials sector in the short term. This will be achieved by successfully matching hundreds of people with jobs in EIT RawMaterials Matches, educating and guiding thousands of students and professionals through the respective KIC Activities and the Perfect Job Track. Jobs are also created by establishing SMEs, start-ups, and by supporting Growth booster and intrapreneurial actions. In the mid to long-term, the KIC will create and ensure hundreds of thousands of jobs in industries that depend on the supply of raw materials, for example by increasing the material and energy efficiency in the raw materials sector.
  • Providing a paradigm shift in fostering entrepreneurship in education, complemented by supporting ideas into businesses opportunities. EIT RawMaterials will educate people that will have an intra- and entrepreneurial mindset, having participated in the entrepreneurial courses and in the events that are offered to facilitate innovation and business generation (e.g. IdeaCamp, EIT RawMaterials Award, Intrapreneurship Facilitator).
  • A wide range of co-operation and exchanges of students and teachers from top KIC partner universities with other excellent universities from around the world.
  • Increasing the number of students entering the raw materials sector from under-represented groups, in particular women.