Business Creation and Support activities of the EIT RawMaterials are designed to:
  • Create and develop new ‘game changing business across Europe
  • Fast track start-ups and support the commercialization of business ideas
  • Encourage exchange and networking across different disciplines and businesses
  • Create new entrepreneurial education approaches
  • Provide funding to boost innovation from ideas to commercialization

Business Creation and Support activities aimed at transforming innovative ideas and projects into new business for existing companies (large and small) as well as through the creation of start-ups and spin-offs. The activities are composed of three major :

  1. Business Idea Competition – aims at supporting and developing idea holders and research teams turining ideas into business models.
  2. Start-up and SME Boosters – supports promising Start-ups and SMEs at regional Innovation Hubs (Co-Location Centres) to validate their Business models and connects with the networks of partners
  3. Funding Instruments – activities aimed at helping high-potential entrepreneurs find the required financial and non financial support to bring innovative concepts to market

The scope of our work

EIT RawMaterials focuses on metal and mineral raw materials. Bio-based and polymer materials are covered in view of their potential as substitute material. Other materials are also considered in the context of multi-material product recycling. As a result of our broad membership base, EIT RawMaterials has the flexibility to address critical as well as non-critical raw materials.