The RawMaterials Academy is the overarching brand of all the education activities of the EIT RawMaterials. These range from innovative education projects launched via calls and run by the KIC’s partners to a number of centrally operated projects. Activities across the entire ecosystem of learners – PhD students, Masters’ students, industrial partners, professionals within the raw materials sector, and wider society – foster new ways of learning and teaching by linking academia, industry and research organisations. The aims of the RawMaterials Academy are:

  • To introduce society as a whole to the importance and relevance of raw materials and incite interest in topics related to raw materials
  • To train current and future stakeholders to the technical standards required by the raw materials industry today – contextually across the full raw materials value chain
  • To foster the entrepreneurial and innovation skills, knowledge and attitudes needed for the entre- and intrapreneurs of tomorrow

To this end, the RawMaterials Academy offers education programmes through four strands:

  • Master’s Education
  • PhD Education
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Wider Society Learning

In addition to activities across these four areas, various educational events and workshops are organised both centrally and through the Co-location Centres over the entire year. One of these is the Raw Materials University Days. Please keep an eye on the Events page for more information!

Master’s Education and PhD Education

Our Master’s Education and PhD Education provide students with an outstanding foundation for a future career through industry-focused programmes which enable collaboration with top specialists in the field from academia, research and industry. Students strengthen their technical expertise while fostering the entrepreneurial and innovation skills, knowledge and problem-solving mindset needed to ensure a sustainable future for the raw materials sector across the entire value chain. Masters and PhD Education at EIT RM promotes interdisciplinary, international collaboration and within a programme, students have the opportunity to study at several centres of excellence throughout Europe.

EIT Label

In particular, EIT RawMaterials sponsors seven programmes that have been awarded the EIT label:

  • Emerald – Master in Georesources Engineering
  • AMIS – Master in Functional Advanced Materials and their Engineering Innovation
  • SUMA – Master in Sustainable Materials
  • IDS-FunMat-INNO – International Doctoral School in Functional Materials
  • NEAT Materials – New Approaches and Technologies in Materials Production (pilot phase)
  • EMC – European Mining Course (joint triple Master’s degree)
  • SINReM – Master in Sustainable and Innovative Natural Resource Management

The EIT label from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology is a quality seal for entrepreneurship & innovation in educational programmes at Master and PhD levels.

Lifelong Learning

Working in close cooperation with our industrial partners, Lifelong Learning courses offer innovative professional training for individuals already working in the raw materials sector. Training draws on expertise from all three sides of the knowledge triangle to respond to the industry’s changing needs and remains at the forefront of innovation. Courses are designed not only with the acquisition of skills and transfer of knowledge in mind, but also focus on tackling innovation challenges and the competitive pressures of new trends and technologies in the raw materials sector.

Wider Society Learning

Wider Society Learning projects at EIT RawMaterials raise society’s awareness of the use of and need for raw materials. Projects at EIT RawMaterials inform, educate and reach out to school children, the general public, NGOs and decision-makers across Europe. Working to incite enthusiasm and passion for raw materials-related topics, projects also aim to break down stereotypes and misinformation surrounding the raw materials industry.

Wider Society Learning calls for innovative ways of demonstrating the advancements, needs and opportunities in the raw materials sector in ways that encourage awareness and interest within multiple target groups. By demonstrating the attractiveness of our sector, we can educate the game-changers of the future, contributing to our aim of securing a constant supply of well-qualified professionals to meet the sector’s needs.

Check out the website of the Wider Society Learning project RM@Schools and see some of the projects that the young Raw Materials Ambassadors have been working on.