Operational Management Team

Dr Karen Hanghøj

Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director

Dr Andreas Klossek

Chief Operations Officer, Managing Director

Dr Rima Dapous

Director of Education

Katerina C. Thomas

Head of Communications

Volker Rechenberg

Head of Finance

Pier Luigi Franceschini

Innovation Hub CLC South General Manager

Dr Per Storm

Innovation Hub CLC North General Manager

Krzysztof Kubacki

Innovation Hub CLC East General Manager

Dr Olli Salmi

Baltic Sea Innovation Hub CLC General Manager

Dr Didier Zimmermann

Innovation Hub CLC Central General Manager and Innovation Hub CLC West Interim General Manager
Katja Bochnig Head of Administration
Dr Ignacio Calleja Senior Advisor – Circular Economy and Recycling
Montserrat Carrasco Administrative Assistant
Emanuel Cicchetti Innovation and Investment Manager
Javor Dimitrov Graphic Designer
Anja Dittmann Accountant
Mina Djordjevic Communications Manager
Lucia Folle Operations Director
Massimo Gasparon Programmes Director
Dr Roland Gauß Senior Advisor – Substitution and Recycling
Dr Tony Hand Senior Advisor – Mining Technologies and Sustainability
Nathan Hard Project Manager – Cross-KIC/EIT Label
NN Human Resources Manager
Sven Kreigenfeld Compliance Officer
Esther Laabs Administrative Assistant
Dr Laurence Lamm Senior Advisor – Mineral & Metallurgical Processes
Leigh Moss Working Student (Administration)
Hichem Sayoud Manager Finance and Operations
Dr Bo Møller Stensgaard Senior Advisor – Exploration and Resource Assessment
Eleanor Stephenson Education Project Manager
Kateryna Vorobiova Communications Manager
Dr Catherine Bounsaythip Business Developer
Mikko Korhonen Business Developer
Dr Denise McCluskey Education Officer
Anna-Maija Pirskanen Administrative Coordinator
Dr Julien Frey Business Developer
Nora Groth Business Developer
Dr Serge Monturet Education Officer
Phuong Dai Nestler Team Assistant
Dr Markus Klein Business Developer
Antonis Politis Business Developer
Sylwia Wasilewicz Administration and Finance Coordinator
Dr Therese Bejgarn Interim Business Developer
Massimo Gasparon Interim Education Officer
Theo Odenryd Financial Officer and Coordinator
Katarina Öquist Business Developer
Valeria De Petris Team Assistant
Dr Floriana La Marca Education Officer
Giorgio Recine Business Developer
Renzo Salimbeni Business Developer
Wesley Crock Education Officer
Beant Dijkstra Business Developer
Dr Nicolas Menou Business Developer
Sonia Muñoz Blanc Administration and Finance Officer